Dedicated to and for Women

Psalm 119:105


Thy word is a lamp unto my

feet, and a light unto my





Acapella Music

performed by:

Stephanie Booker





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Where online can women who are members of the Church of Christ share their love of God with each other?


Where online can they share information, ideas, and the talents that God has given them with other women who may live anywhere around the globe?


The answer is:   HERE at


Our goal is to bring you information, articles, adventures, acapella music and a whole array of stuff that will become a gathering place of beauty like the gardens you see above.   The key is everything here was created, written, and/or completed by women.  So, please join us, enjoy what we have to offer and help participate in bringing women what they want and need to know. is about our continuing journey to remain faithful Christians and to share the good news of Christ, the Son of God with others.  Not only do we need the light to see our own way, we need to light the path for others to see.



By: Sherry Young

Copyright © 2004


Along the path, from here to there,

We strive to walk with God.

We focus on a righteous life,

And heed His chast'ning rod.


Then day by day, the choices made,

Our path it twists and turned,

Our focus blurs, then back on track,

Each day a lesson learned.


With diligence and confidence,

Thus onward we do press,

All focus thru our fellowship,

God more and I the less.


Equipped are we for works of good,

Each other edify,

And focus more to be at peace,

Christ Jesus glorify.


This website is not about us… It’s all about God!


Acapella Music by Stephanie Booker; Album Simply Stephanie;